Surrey Docks By-election: Tell Us What You Think

On June 9th, residents in Surrey Docks will vote in a critically important by-election. This is an important elected and will decide whether or not Southwark Labour strengthen their grip on the council, or our strong opposition holding them to account is bolstered with a new councillor. Craig Cox, the Conservative candidate, is the only candidate with a genuine and deliverable action plan for our local area that will benefit everyone in a different way:


  • Opposing unnecessary building: the development at Canada Water is an important part of our local community and I am in favour of sensible change, but ugly high-rise buildings and a lack of transport infrastructure is unacceptable.  A short walk away, I am steadfastly against the development at South Dock; it is neglecting the needs of local people and must be stopped. The community of Surrey Docks must not be destroyed by a Labour council that seems intent on ignoring local people every step of the way.
  • Better broadband: local residents and businesses are rightly angry about the lack of fast broadband, with some getting hyperoptic installed themselves. Living in Central London and not having decent broadband is a farce: I will use my commercial experience to get a better deal for Surrey Docks and bring its internet coverage into the 21st century, at long last!
  • Building the Bridge: we all want to see a Rotherhithe Bridge built, but for too long the plan has not been put into action! Why we are building a Garden Bridge at great public expense – where there are already several cross-river connections - makes my mind boggle; money would be best spent on servicing the needs of Surrey Docks and getting a functional, desperately needed cycle and pedestrian crossing here. I will do my bit to ensure we can make the bridge a reality.
  • Improving transport: hard working local people are rightly fed-up with overcrowded tubes, congested roads and delayed journeys; we all experience this on a daily basis, and it’s not good enough. We need to tackle Labour Southwark on why they are not providing better infrastructure, and lobby TfL for improvements. Sadly Surrey Docks residents’ have been let down on this for too long. 
  • Value for Money: it is a sad truth that in Labour Southwark, a Band D property is taxed at £1,206 per year, whilst a few miles away in Conservative Wandsworth the figure is only £674. Bearing in mind the real needs of Surrey Docks residents and the lack of investment they have received, I will always fight against unnecessary tax rises, and do my bit as a local councillor to make sure your council delivers you value for money.


Tell Craig about your priorities by sharing your views with him here: