Craig's Local Action Plan for Surrey Docks

On Thursday 9 June, voters in Surrey Docks will elect a new councillor in a by-election. This is an extremly close election, where every vote really does count and your vote will make a huge difference to the result and decide whether Southwark Labour strengthen their grip on the council, or our strong opposition holding them to account is bolstered with a new councillor. By voting Conservative and backing Craig Cox's Local Action Plan on Thursday, you will elect a local champion for Surrey Docks and ensure a strong opposition holding Labour to account in Southwark. 

Craig is a communtiy campaigner and has already been delivering for Surrey Docks, this week securing meetings with Broadband Minister Ed Vaizey to finally crack the broadband probelm on the peninsula and Planning Mininster Brandon Lewis to discuss Labour's disasterous proposals for South Dock. 

On Thursday, lend your vote to Craig Cox and back his Local Action Plan:


  1. Opposing Labour’s Out-Of-Place Development: Residents are clear that the South Dock development – proposed by Labour – will be a huge disaster for our area.  I will oppose the out-of-place development at South Dock. Labour refuse to listen to local concerns and the lack of consultation on planning is obvious. If you elect me on Thursday, as your councillor, I will fight tooth and nail against this council forcing this decision on us.
  2. Better Broadband: We all know how pathetic broadband speeds are in Surrey Docks. It is shambolic that in the 21st Century, someone in Central London does not have access to superfast broadband.  I will use my experience from the commercial world to lobby for it and improve services for homes and businesses across Surrey Docks, ensuring we at long last get the super-fast connection we deserve!
  3. Building the Bridge: I strongly support the building of a Rotherhithe to Isle of Dogs Bridge. The plans are in place, the design has won awards, and it’s time to deliver.  For years I worked in Canary Wharf and know what a difference this would make and I know first-hand from previous experience as a councillor how to get the funding organised from day one.
  4. Improving Transport: Everyone is fed-up with overcrowded tubes, congested roads and delayed journeys; we all experience this on a daily basis and it’s not good enough. We need to tackle Labour Southwark on why they are not providing better infrastructure and lobby TfL for improvements. Sadly, Surrey Docks residents have been let down on this for too long. 
  5. Value for Money: Surrey Docks residents don’t know what they’re getting for their money: in Labour Southwark, a Band D property pays £1,206 Council Tax, whilst in Conservative Wandsworth it’s only £674. I will always fight against unnecessary tax rises, and do my bit as a local councillor to make sure your council delivers you value for money.